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Welcome to the full history of Taste The Pain.
This section details all the important events that have happened within TTP since the creation of the clan. Each time significant events happen they are documented here and given a Chapter Name.

Please feel free to browse our history at will. It can be complex, full of intrigue, backstabbing, bravery, and heroics.
Never boring though.

Click on the Chapter Name to view a section of history. Or scroll down and start from the beginning.


The Beginning of The Desert Combat Era of Taste The Pain 

New Members :


Taste The Pain was formed early in Desert Combat's history. The TTP name had been born from a dark and unidentifiable past within the Quake 3 community. The first leader, Dice, was quick to recruit a skeleton crew and TTP was entered into Clanbase with [TTP]Dice as the leader, and [TTP]9Mila as the second in command. Even though the clan member numbers were no where near full strength TTP performed admirably, achieving a string of wins in friendly matches against new clans of the era. The rise of Taste The Pain had begun.

The Rise of Taste The Pain

New Members :


During the first months of the Clanbase ladder campaign TTP were unbeatable. Literally unstoppable. In the first month of activity TTP clocked up eight consecutive wins on the Clanbase ladder alone and numerous friendly wins along the way. Taste The Pain were the new boys in town and everyone was starting to know about it. Decicive wins meant the clan shot up the ladder place by place meeting every challenge head on and emerging victorious.
Even though TTP were currently enjoying immense gaming success, feelings were divided amoung the long-term members about the future of the clan. Many members wanted to recruit from outside the United Kingdom and bring in players from Europe to expand the clan numbers. Although clan player numbers needed to be increased, no one wanted to relinquish Taste The Pain's UK-only status within Clanbase. The only solution that would satisfy all parties was to create a second division within Taste The Pain with the sole purpose of recruiting EU players. From this time on TTP:UK and TTP:EU were born. This would mark a turning point in command thinking for TTP as a whole, for better or for worse.

The Height of TTP Glory

New Members :


Early Taste The Pain tactics revolved around dominance through aggressivness. Planning and match tactics were little used before a match, the main emphasis was on sheer guts and determination from the individual players. The final, and most memorable, time these tactics worked was against DC-Force in the Clanbase ladder. Taste The Pain had risen to second place on the ladder and were deemed unstoppable. A lack of planning and tactics, and a mountain of player skill and determination had nearly pushed them to the top of the ladder. The only clan that stood in TTP:UK's way were the immovable DC-Force. On the 6th of July 2003 TTP:UK took undertook the most important match the clan had ever fought. The fight for first place.
The battle was epic and hard fought on both sides, but it ultimately broke the back of Taste The Pain. The match was lost by just nine tickets. This was the first major defeat the clan had faced and signalled a change in the tactical planning of all clans in the Clanbase ladder.

R.I.P [TTP:UK]King

The Era of Decadence and Decline

In the time that passed from that pivitol clan match against DC-Force there was a subtle change among other clans within the Clanbase ladder. The 'Blitzkrieg' attack mentality of the TTP:UK old guard that had once been unstoppable, was being met head on by organised defense and attack strategies from enemy clans. There were still clans that were defeated when TTP:UK played in a ladder match against them, but slowly the winning games dried up as enemies became wise to the benefits that superior planning and tactics brought.
Up until this point TTP:EU had remained a silent force within the Taste The Pain clan, they had won and lost games with equal share. Then under the guidance of [TTP:EU]Apache they implemented planned assaults and defence strategies coupled with pre-match practice senarios. This proved to be a great bonus for TTP:EU and they quickly rose through the Clanbase ladder ranks while TTP:UK faltered and began a slow decent from the top.

R.I.P [TTP:UK]Stativa
R.I.P [TTP:UK]KnightCrawler
R.I.P [TTP:UK]Naggsy
R.I.P [TTP:UK]Beano

The End of TTP:UK/EU Joint Clan Era

New Members :


The success of TTP:EU eventually began to outshine TTP:UK and the European members started to wonder why they were still part of (and eclipsed by) a stagnant, ageing clan. Eventually leaders from the TTP:EU division contacted TTP:UK to inform them that they were no longer going to be recognised as the underdogs. This lead to a bad reaction from the TTP:UK command which in turn lead to TTP:EU separating totally.
As a direct result of the mounting losses and dividing of the clan, [TTP:UK]Dice quit as the leader and war arranger of TTP:UK and disappeared from clan history without a trace. His second in command, [TTP:UK]9Mila, took up ongoing leadership of the clan, appointing [TTP:UK]Maverick as the new clan shit.

R.I.P [TTP:UK]Dice
R.I.P [TTP:UK]Soulhunter

The Dark Age of Taste The Pain

New Members :


This chapter of Taste The Pain's long running history is a dark part of the clan's story. Opinions were taken over by demands, suggestions subbed for orders, and democracy was ruled out in favour of dictatorship. During the past long reign of [TTP:UK]Dice control had been lost and TTP:UK members found themselves in a clan without strong leaders. The new command set out to try and put TTP:UK back on the rails by force, whether the members agreed or not.

The Fall of 9Mila

Stringent practice sessions and penalties were issued and the clan members began to revolt against the new leader [TTP:UK]9Mila. Early in his reign he tried to employ tactics that had been used against the clan by it's enemies, changing them to suit TTP's needs and playing style. Unfortunately this long running experiment went badly wrong, the new style of play was unsuitable for the clan members and most of the clan rebelled. Unrest within the clan forced an unofficial leadership meeting of some of the members and this ended the short, but eventful, reign of [TTP:UK]9Mila as clan leader and [TTP:UK]WeaponX as second in command. These two players subsequently fled the clan in disgrace.

R.I.P [TTP:UK]WeaponX
R.I.P [TTP:UK]9Mila

The Age of Democracy and Hope

New Members :


For a short time TTP:UK was leaderless and without a purpose. The clan was in danger of falling apart from the inside. With no leader there was no command. At this time the first General Meeting of the members was called. Senior members explained the potentially fatal problems facing TTP:UK and started hammering out a rescue plan. A vote was held for a new leader, [TTP:UK]Maverick was duly appointed new clan Captain. Duties were spread throughout the force. [TTP:UK]Stompy as Recruitment Officer, [TTP:UK]Razor as War Arranger, and [TTP:UK]DoctorK9 as Training Officer.
To fully recouperate and reorganise the clan a decision was made to remove TTP:UK from the Clanbase ladder and be placed into hibernation. The old website was removed suddenly under a shroud of uncertainty. However, [TTP:UK]Rules was nominated Web Admin and designed a totally new homepage for the clan, providing a fresh start to the new look TTP:UK.
After the re-structuring another British clan called Firebirds approached TTP:UK and offered a merger of the two groups. This idea was considered, but, FBZ had a final demand. All the current serving TTP:UK members must join this new clan under the FBZ name, leaving all trace of Taste The Pain behind to be forgotten. After much debate and discussion an agreement was reached between all the members of the clan regarding the present and future of TTP:UK.
There would be no merger with FBZ, or any other clan.
TTP:UK is the oldest operating Desert Combat clan in existence and has a prestigious history.
The name Taste The Pain would live on, supported by its members into Battlefield 2.
And so this era ended. With a strong sense of preserving the clan name, the clan members sought for a way to bolster the number of members. The three New Blood members [TTP:UK]Joker, [TTP:UK]Goose, and [TTP:UK]Nero brought fresh enthusiasm into the game and proved there was still life in the old warhorse clan yet.

R.I.P [TTP:UK]Jazzasax
R.I.P [TTP:UK]Stompy

The TTP:UK - TA Clan Alliance. The Birth of T3A

New Members :


Diminishing ranks had began to wear the warriors of TTP:UK weary. Training had all but ceased while the once mighty clan took stock of what was left of its fading glory.
The clan was failing, and the once-proud members of TTP:UK knew it.
Emergency recruitment drives had failed. Team momentum had ground to a halt. The fire was dulled, and the inevitable death-knell of the clan could be heard approaching at speed.

Except the hard-bitten members of TTP:UK were wrong.
What approached was not destined to finish TTP:UK. But to change it forever.

TA - Team Alpha, formerly TTP:EU the old enemy had been experiencing similar problems and were themselves facing extinction as a clan. Through combined leadership from [TTP:UK]Maverick and [TA]Diablo an olive branch of peace was tentatively offered between the two ailing clans. This opportunity was the very last hope for survival by both sides.
Both teams willingy, if grudgingly, accepted the pact and The 3rd Alliance was born.

At first there was an uneasy comradeship between each of the two sides. Both had strong, loud and humerous, individual characters. Gradually the two teams merged into one. Old hatreds and grudges forgotten like the dark past gone before. Members realised their many skills often complemented each others and they began to work in a driven harmony.
And so the drilled, precision planning of TA was intertwined with the dedicated aggressiveness of TTP:UK. The seal was complete. The clans were one.

T3A - The 3rd Alliance.
-First Into The Breach,
-Proud and Unfailing,
-Clan of The Never Dies.

The Wayward Fall of Futile T3A

New Members :

[TTP][email protected]

The start of The 3rd Alliance (T3A) began smoothly. All players from both factions intertwined well and worked together in harmony. Early signs suggested the merging would prove to be a fruitful venture for boths parties. Alas, this was to be a false hope.

Even though the clan was brought together on principles of forging ahead as a team others within the clan thought differently. [T3A]Diablo, joint leader of T3A, decided to forgo group discussion and mutual agreement about the direction of the clan and allow T3A to branch into other online ventures. This process began to allow membership of the clan to unknown players. This created an atmosphere of unrest within the clan. Early indications of a democratic union of two easy going clans was becoming an arrogant dictatorship forged by a small minority of unreasonable ex-TA members.

The quiet unrest grew. Each blaze' decision, each arrogant statement, every disrespectful remark served to fuel the suspicion that T3A had lost its way. Finally the few corrupt T3A members who were happy to fuel an atmosphere of alienation, abuse, and hypocracy were confronted by disaffected members in an effort to identify the direction and meaning of the clan. Under pressure, and before the eyes of the unhappy members, they collapsed into a tirade of rambling swearing and thoughtless childish aggression.
Finally displaying their true colours and lack of respect for their fellow teammates.
Disgusted, the players sought to salvage some of the little remaining honour left in T3A by leaving to create a clan where every member counts, and is respected. Taste The Pain was born again.

Welcome to the new era of TTP.

R.I.P [T3A]

The Re-Birth of TTP & The Beginning of The Battles

New Members :


The rallying call had been sounded and members flocked to the aid of Taste The Pain.
A hastily assembled group of fighters banded together to fight RAF and ATF on the Enemydown Ladder. RAF's stalwart defense ensures the slimmest of victories for their forces. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms clan were as yet undefeated on the Ladder.
This was about to change.
The TTP members fought long, and they fought damn hard. The battle was an uphill struggle all the way to the end. Undaunted, they secured a convincing win over an old opponent.
TTP needed a win.
These members delivered it.
The Victors of the 5/5/05.

The Final Moments of The Taste The Pain Desert Combat Era

New Members :


The sun had finally set on the Desert Combat Horizon.

With heavy hearts the faithful TTP members uninstalled the game and turned to a new clan future on Battlefield 2.
Would it be Illustrious? Doomed? Fated?
Time shall tell.
Goodbye DC.

The Dawn Of Taste The Pain In Battlefield 2.
By Embracing The Future, TTP Must First Deal With Its Dark Past

New Members :


Refreshed and invigorated the war-machine known as Taste The Pain exploded onto Battlefield 2 in true TTP style.
Aggressively without remorse.
In a flurry of activity the clan began an active recruitment campaign the likes of which had not been seen in years. The new game brought new blood applying to the mighty gates of TTP.
Aswell as some old blood.

Past bretheren Dice, WeaponX, and Soulhunter contacted our leader for application to rejoin Taste The Pain once again. Their arrival was heralded with joy and fanfare throughout the clan. Members new and old greeted them as they returned to the fold. The future promised a combination of old style gameplay and new age forward thinking.
One quietly observant member suspected something entirely different from the sudden return. An insidious plan. Alas, to our shame we did not listen until it was almost too late.
The Trojan horse had entered the gates of TTP.

One week after the re-emergance of the ex-TTP members their true colours began to show.
They wanted command of Taste The Pain.
Even though they had abandoned the clan years before they presumed they would walk back in and take control.
They were wrong.

Taste The Pain had a hard few years since they left.
Taste The Pain had become a greater clan.
Taste The Pain had out-grown them.

A Council of ten founding Taste The Pain members was formed in anticipation of this forthright move to steal power or members and internal troubles and strife within the clan was averted.
The outcast members were shown in their true light, arrogant, oppressive, and deceitful. They subsequently fled the clan in disgrace.
Even though the day was won and Taste The Pain had emerged victorious and whole, members were left with a bitter aftertaste. The betrayal and behaviour of the dishonoured exiled members shocked everyone. How could once fellow warriors now be so bitter and twisted? TTP members exuded more pity than anger to the lost misguided souls of TTP. Perhaps we would one day forgive them and allow them to return to the true-clan? Time will tell.

And so, on a somber note
With a heavy heart.
And a heavy hand.
Taste The Pain dealt with its dark past, and embraced its bright future.

R.I.P [TTP]Dice.
R.I.P [TTP]WeaponX.
R.I.P [TTP]Soulhunter

The Age Of Clan Expansion And Battles


New Members :


The confusion of recent events had served to strengthen the beliefs of the members in Taste The Pain. The true TTP.

The comprehensive recruitment process had unearthed some highly skilled players to join the ranks of Taste The Pain. Two more well-known members returned from their sabbatical in the wilderness [TTP]Oneup, and [TTP]K!ng who has been M.I.A since the 'Great Basras Edge Ambush' of '03.

During these early days matches were being played, and often won. TTP was approached by the newly appointed T3A leader, Apache, about talks between the rival clans concerning a possible end to hostilities and eventual peace between the two powers.
Alas, a settlement could not be reached. The two clans had grown to distant from one another so the idea of a future merger was halted and peace talks ended. However, the bold move by [T3A]Apache to convene the clans was met with a surprised but warm reception went along way to restoring relations between the hostile clans.

The Age of Expansion opened with clan members determined to ensure the success and growth pf Taste The Pain. by the closing of this era, their hard work was beginning to show in the eager new blood infused into the mighty clan.

Long live TTP - Taste The Pain.
Clan of The NeverDies!

Survival Of The Strongest, The Battle For The Ladder Of EnemyDown

New Members:


Spirits were riding high, but the TTP member attrition rate was painful.

Taste The Pain had seen many clan members come and go in the short space of time that Battlefield 2 had been released. The initial burst of energy that went hand in hand with the popularity of the game meant that TTP were recruiting members only to have them disappear back to their mercenary status, or worse, turn traitor and join other clans. This whirl of activity left the clan somewhat in disarray, new members were not having time to gel with the veterans.

The EnemyDown Campaign began unsteadily, but forcefully, with some decisive wins for the mighty TTP warmachine.
The entire Ladder faced collapse due to a major incident between leading Battlefield 2 clans and the evil administrators. The clans won in the end, heavy losses were inflicted upon the Ladder. Taste The Pain soldiered on regardless, striving to practice and earn victory in matches.
A team has begun to grow from the explosive blurr of battlefield activity. This team has the potential to be great. Inside the bowels of Taste The Pain lies the right mix of bravado, heroicism, humour, and grit to carve a heavy swath through opposing forces.

Currently Taste The Pain are fighting to remain in the top five positions of the ladder. There are many damn good clans out there who would whore out their members and sell their APC's to be in the position we are in. We are going to survive.
The 'Clan Of The Neverdies' Taste The Pain members will not let us down.

We are going to fight for the top.

No one will stop us.

R.I.P [TTP]Razor
R.I.P [TTP]Delboy
R.I.P [TTP]Prowler
R.I.P [TTP]Venom
R.I.P [TTP]Wibben
R.I.P [TTP]Timkanu
M.I.A [TTP]King
M.I.A [TTP]Miles

Rules Retires. TTP Enters A New Age

New Members:


Eras come and go. Heroism of clans turns to memory, which in turn fades to legend itself.

Ever-constant, has been the hallmark of clan Taste The Pain. Clan Of The Neverdies.

Since the last update many months ago there has been many changes throughout the whole command staff of TTP, and indeed the entire clan. With the appointment of Hyper as new recruitment officer the clan has seen a steady increase in the number of quality applicants who have successfully applied to join Taste The Pain.

An emphasis has also been placed on the training and conditioning of members of this illlustrious clan, with training sessions becoming the weekly norm for established members. A rigid training regime designed and ran by [TTP]Oneup has enabled veteran tactics and strategies to be passed to the younger generation of players.

Communications on the battlefield has also been reviewed with many members opting for the alternate Ventrilo method. Whilst this provides more options than the venerable Teamspeak, the Old Guard favour the latter.

How many changes has this clan seen? That, in itself is a legend for another time.
TTP once again are circling in uncertain waters, unsure about what path they should take. The loss of a great leader, Rules, has plunged the venerable clan into turmoil and debate. The clan steels itself for decisions that would affect the course of it’s existence throughout the twilight age of Battlefield 2.

Recently the firey, yet effective XO [TTP]Nero has just announced his intention of stepping down from active duty. Along with Rules, their distinguished service as a tag-team duo piloting TTP throughout its most prolific period has been exemplary.

R.I.P [TTP]Rules
M.I.A [TTP]Nero





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