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TOPIC: Cheap Skylake OP PC build

Cheap Skylake OP PC build 4 years 1 week ago #2094


so I have recently upgraded from a FX-6300 , which has served me for a couple years (Overclocked massively obviously) , to a skylake CPU , mobo , DDR4 ram and shiz. Anyways the focus is on the CPU here :P

1. obviously a Skylake based CPU non - K model

So I managed to pickup an I5-6600 never used, never opened for 141 USD! from a dude in the country, which is a faking steal , when one online is 278 USD :)
Anyways, its a good CPU on its own at stock , but when overclocked.... it shines like a diamond.

Another thing to do is to pickup an ES I7-6400 which is an I7-6700K but downclocked , undervolted variant. Engineering sample means CPU's that are sent out for reviewers and stuff. There are multiple revisions of it like QH8F , QH8G etc. , but recommend getting a QH8G one 2.2GHz as that is latest version and silicon is much better than the earlier revisions, so it will overclock a lot better. Can be picked up for around 110 USD - 140 USD on Aliexpress, or if you can get one locally , that would be even better.
Anyways here is what I have as final result:

2. A Z170 Board (preferably ASRock or ASUS)

So to do this Skylake non-k OC shiz, you need a Z170 board from ASUS or ASRock (I would recommend ASRock). More on this later.

I picked up an ASRock Z170 Pro 4s.

So before everything we need to setup everything. Most likely the mobo that you picked up will come with a newer version of BIOS than we need, this is because INTEL stingy cunts forced mobo brands to disabled this feature on Skylake CPU's.
So we need to downgrade to the proper bios. You can find them here overclocking.guide/category/intel-oc-guides/skylake-non-k-oc/.

Select maker and model, then it will bring you to a page with download link to the bios. You need to extract that file a FAT32/16 filesystem ( USB drive etc.) then plug it into your PC.

Then boot into your bios and go the advanced mode using F6 or by clicking button top right.
Then you get this screen ( well something like this)

So navigate to Tools and find Instant Flash , click it and let it search for your bios file.
If it finds it just click it and let it do its thing. MAKE sure you dont loose power or restart PC.
If it does not find anything, you ve got a wrong filesystem drive, or messed something else up.

After this we are ready to Overclock this biatch.
This happens in the OC Tweaker tab as show on the pic.

1st Select your most aggresive XMP profile if you got any.
2nd Adjust the BLCK clock by 10 mhz.
3rd Lower your Target Memory speed back to your RAM speed.

After this find your voltage control menu.

Set CPU loadline calibration to Level 1
Set CPU Vcore to 1.25 V for start.

Save and exit and restart.

If you dont get POST , turn off PSU , press the start button on the case for a few times to flush power out and turn the PSU and PC back on, go back to BIOS and raise the VCore a bit till you got a POST.
If you dont get Boot , means you have hit your limit with BLCK , sucks :)

If you have booted into windows, use CPU-Z to stress your CPU for half a hour atleast, and use HWInfo to monitor temps, stay below 70 C case Temp.
Never raise Vcore voltage higher than 1.4 V !!!

Now keep on doing this till you find the limit or a good setup.
Ive got mine at 4.28 GhZ @ 1.33 V 130 BLCK clock. Anything higher and my HDD does not boot :)

You can use CPU-Z to bench your CPU and Userbenchmark.com for all around every component bench of the PC.

I have ended up with 520 Single thread , 2080 Multithread score on CPU-z which is equalivent of an I7-6700k with 4 more threads, and I have got higher single thread perfomance :)
The 7700k has 490 Single thread score for comparsion ;)

On Userbenchmark.com CPU got an 101% score, 100% = I7 7700K , which literally mind blowing for this price.

Again final result :


Have fun! B)
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Cheap Skylake OP PC build 3 years 5 months ago #2131

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