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Here's What's New In GTA 5 This Week On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Rockstar releases a new car you can stick some guns on.

Regular updates to Grand Theft Auto V continue in 2018. Although the first weekly update of the year is not a massive one, Rockstar has released a cool new vehicle and announced some new discounts and extended bonuses that may get you to boot up the game on PS4Xbox One, or PC.

GTA V's newest car is a rally vehicle, the Annis Savestra Sports Classic. It's available now through Legendary Motorsport, and while it looks to be a worthwhile ride on its own, it can get even better. Those with access to an Avenger or Mobile Operations Center have some optional upgrades for the Savestra, including mounted machine guns.

If you don't yet own a MOC, you can pick up the cab for 50% off its regular price from now through January 8. You can get also get 30% off the Coil Cyclone or Grotti Visione, or 25% off the Ocelot Ardent (a weaponized vehicle), the FH-1 Hunter helicopter, P-45 Nokota plane, and HVY APC (another weaponized vehicle). In the case of the latter three, the discount applies to both the buy-it-now and trade prices.

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On the bonus side, Adversary modes Slashers and Occupy are awarding players with double GTA$ and RP until January 8. The Premium Stunt Race is Duel, with a restriction to Muscle-class vehicles, while the Time Trail is Up N Atom. The Premium Race hands out big GTA$ payouts to the top three finishers, while everyone gets Triple RP. The Time Trial offers GTA$ and RP for those who can beat the target time.

Merry Christmas from all of TTP

Best Wishes For A Merry Christmas A Prosperous New Year Glitter

PUBG PC Release Date Announced, And It's Very Soon

The popular battle royale game leaves early access on December 20.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds finally has an official release date. During The Game Awards, publisher Bluehole announced that the phenomenally popular battle royale game will leave early access and release in full on PCon December 20.

Among the new features PUBG 1.0 will include are climbing and vaulting, which PlayerUnknown himself Brendan Greene says "will change the game severely." It will also feature a new desert map called Miramar, which will be available to play on PUBG's test servers beginning tonight at 12 AM PT/3 AM ET.

Bluehole released a new trailer showcasing Miramar during The Game Awards, providing a closer look at the upcoming map. Unlike PUBG's current map, the lush Erangel, Miramar encompasses industrial areas, beach towns, arid desert land, and more, which the developers say will dramatically change how players approach the survival game.

PUBG will also launch in early access on Xbox One this month via the Xbox Game Preview program on December 12. Ahead its release, Xbox One players can already purchase some exclusive items for their characters now. You can see more announcements from The Game Awards in our roundups of all the big news and trailers.

'Destiny 2' Has Been Secretly Reducing XP Gains, And Is Stopping After Fans Caught On

tess destiny 2

Destiny 2 fans don’t need another reason to be cross with Bungie with the current state of the game, but they’ve recently found one, in a big way.

There have always been questions about how earning Bright Engram XP works in Destiny 2, the bar that fills up after you hit the max level of 20, and are able to earn the Engrams sold in the Eververse store for free. For a while the big question was whether or not there was a per-level XP cap or if it just kept increasing forever (I still don’t know the answer to this), but more recently, a new question has been a bit more pressing.

Is Bungie reducing XP gains for some activities?


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